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Java 8 EOL

Hello everyone,

We have an important announcement to make regarding our modpacks. As of now, we will be phasing out Java 8 for all our new and current 1.16+ modpacks. We recommend that you download Java 16 from the link provided below so that you are prepared for this change.

Please ensure that you download the 64-bit installer for your operating system and remember to change the Java inside launcher options. Here is the link to download Java 16:

Do not worry; all packs built for 1.12.2 and below will still use Java 8. This change only applies to users of our 1.16+ and newer packs.

Now, let's address some FAQs:

Q: Why are you forcing users to switch from Java 8 to 1.16? A: Java 8 was released in March of 2014 and is getting little to no support in both security and features. Furthermore, many newer and existing mods are being built with newer Java 16+ in mind as it is much more optimized in both speed and memory. We are also making this change as we plan to release a modpack for 1.17+ that requires the use of Java 16 by default anyway.

Lastly, this message is for our ATF6 players. The next update will be the final beta before the big 2.0 stable builds drop. Expect some significant changes to your world. We do not have an ETA on when this update will be released.

Thank you for your attention, and as always, we appreciate your support!

Best regards,

The AMPZ Network Team

3 years ago


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