• Do not necropost/revive 2+ week old dead threads.
  • Do not advertise servers - unless if making reference to a feature on said server.
  • Pointless and/or Incorrect topic threads will either be moved, or deleted.
  • Do not spam the same thread in multiple subforums.
  • Don’t spam mentions (such as @LabsZero ) and use them responsibly.
  • Use bold, italics, underlines, font colour, or font size only when relevant - replies and topics written in all of these will be edited or deleted.
  • Refrain from using strong inappropriate language.
  • Be respectful to others.
  • Don’t triple-post, there's an edit option!
  • Asking for likes for no reason isn't allowed.
  • Do not ban evade!
  • Do not farm posts. A post is farmed if it does not contribute to a conversation. This includes but is not limited to replying to a thread with something like “I agree!” - just like the post you agree with.
  • Do not farm likes, this includes on profile pages and using an alt to do so.
  • Don't spam dislike people, they'll be removed and you'll get a warning point.
Like on the server, players get offences if they disobey a rule on the forums. If caught rule violating they’ll receive a warning point and these stay on your forum record until you reach 3 points. 3 warning points will result in a permanent forum ban.

Some rules will not require warning points but you will receive points if you continue to repeat the violation eg. triple posting once may not require a warning point, just a written warning.

Certain offences will result in an immediate permanent ban, such as doxing players or extreme toxicity. These immediate permanent bans can be given at the discretion of a Mod+.


All rules stated in this document are subject to change at any time.
Any initial incident resulting in a rule change will not be punished for, unless severe.

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