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Introducing All The Forge 9: A Modpack with Overhauled Overworld, Mekanism, Create and More

Hello, All The Forge community!

We have some exciting news to share with you about the upcoming release of All The Forge 9. But before we dive into that, we want to let you know that we will be removing All The Forge 5, All The Forge 7, and the original version from our solder in November to make room for future versions and other planned modpacks. Don't worry, you can still download and play these versions on either CurseForge or ATLauncher for a little while longer.

Now let's talk about All The Forge 9. We are happy to announce that it will be available on ATLauncher, CurseForge, and Technic on October 18th, 2020. Here are some of the new mods you can expect to see in this version:

  • William Wythers' Overhauled Overworld
  • Mob Grinding Utils
  • Controller Support
  • No Chat Reporting
  • Blue Skies
  • Applied Energistics 2
  • Mekanism
  • Create
  • Twilight Forest
  • Optimizations
  • Built-in shader support (you need to add your own shaders)

We will also be releasing an SMP (Survival Multiplayer Server) alongside the pack, just like we did with All The Forge 8. Speaking of which, we plan to close the All The Forge 8 server sometime next year. Look out for an announcement regarding this in the future.For those of you wondering, we do plan to add Tinker's and Blood Magic as soon as they are updated to 1.19.2.

We are excited to bring you this new version of All The Forge and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Thank you for being a part of the All The Forge community.

  • TeamAMPZ

2 years ago


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