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Attack Of The Ender - ComeBack

Hi everyone,

Today i am pleased to say I am bring back our Attack of The Ender with the biggest update to it yet. 

For those of you that are confused about what it is here is the modpack description: 
This is not the vanilla Minecraft you are used to! There are new plants to harvest, new mobs to kill, new tools to make, machines to build, and hundreds of new blocks to play with.
As we all know modded Minecraft offers many things that the core game just cannot do. Mods can make the game feel fresh again or just offer an alternate experience. If you've grown tired of the vanilla Minecraft experience or if you're just looking for another toy box full of things to play with, Attack of the Ender probably has you covered.

New Features
1.16.5 Port
More Mods
More Optimised 
More Fun
And Much More

and last but not least this means we have a new role as well as a dedicated channel for you to speak in you can get the role in #?-reaction-roles .
- THE AMPZ Network Team

3 years ago


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