AMPZ BETA Programme: A New Way to Engage with Our Community and Give Feedback

Hello, Everyone

We at AMPZ Network are always looking for new ways for our community to engage with our modpacks. So it's my honour to announce our new BETA Program available to sign up today, link below

The goal for this program is for us to get feedback for both bugs/ suggestions as early as possible before the pack(s) goes out to everyone else so that we try and address any issues before hand. If you get accepted into the program you will have access to our BETA TESTERS Channel where you can freely discourse and post suggestions regarding the pack you are testing without the worry of leaking something out by accident.

Now for some questions you may be wondering:

Q: Why are you only now allowing users to play test early packs?

A: Like we said at the start of the post we are always looking for new ways to engage with out growing community. This is just our latest way.

Q: What do I get out of being a Tester?

A: You will be given a cool new "BETA TESTER” role

2 years ago


Want to join the fun?