Welcome to our new and improved site!

Hello, everyone!We are thrilled to announce that we have been working hard on upgrading our site to make it more user-friendly, fast and modern. Our site is the heart of our community and we want to give you the best experience possible.Her...
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AMPZ BETA Programme: A New Way to Engage with Our Community and Give Feedback

Hello, EveryoneWe at AMPZ Network are always looking for new ways for our community to engage with our modpacks. So it's my honour to announce our new BETA Program available to sign up today, link below
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Colony V2.3: A Modpack That Takes You to New Worlds with the Solar System Creator

Hi there, Colony fansHow's the space life going?Anyway the point of todays announcement is to discusses what we have been working on in the background for you all so without me dragging on for much longer then needed, let's
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Meet Our New Logo: How We Redesigned Our Brand Identity with BisectHosting

Hi everyoneWe are thrilled to unveil our latest logo design created by the talented team at BisectHosting. Inspired by our Fossilized 3D text and the blue and lightning bolt from our AMPZ REBORN pack logo, this sleek design will be rolled o...
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What We are Doing - Russia War with Ukraine

Hi everyoneDue to the on going war in Ukraine we have made the dissention to block Russia access to our AMPZ servicesThis means if you live in Russia you will not be able to access our domain, solder and server(s) and instead will be greete...
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Introducing the New Redstone Rank: Upgrade Your Gameplay Experience

Exciting news for our community! The AMPZ Network is proud to announce the launch of our new Redstone rank, a game-changer for our players. This rank is designed to offer even more exciting perks and benefits to enhance your gaming experien...
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