Add Mystical Agriculture

Exorion 10 June 2023 17:06 All The Forge 9 192
Oyuncu - Exorion

Link :

Very OP but useful mod, especially for people like me that dislike the mining post Cave update.

A lot of settings are available to make it more balanced, to for example disable seeds of items that could be automated by other means.

It could also be made more expensive to start with, by tweaking the Pedestals' recipe.

Changes I would make to balance it :

  • - Remove Refined Obsidian Seeds; those completely remove the need to automate the Osmium Compressor.
  • - Remove Fluix Seeds; Makes creating fluix trivial, where it's usually a somewhat interesting autocraft
    - Remove Silicon Seeds; This can already be automated from a furnace/mekanism smelter, and the certus dust has a seed
  • - Disable how The Wither Skeleton Seed can be made using coal. That trivializes wither head farming.
  • (I'll edit this suggestion to add stuff as I am currently going through it)
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