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Ryuhouji 23 April 2023 07:55 All The Forge 9 553
Oyuncu - Ryuhouji

I was told that tinker's would be added when it's updated, but I'm adding it here as an official part of my suggestion.

My primary suggestions are as follows:

Better Storage Options

I'm suggesting these because as it is now, ATF9 has iron chests and ae2 as the only storage options. Slime is incredibly annoying to try to get, so AE2 is relegated to the deep endgame, or for those lucky enough to find a swamp biome.
(I am particularly in favor of Dank Storage, it's one of my favorite modern mods.)

* Storage Drawers [https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/storage-drawers/download/3884263] (looks nice for people who care)
* RF Tools Storage [https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/rftools-storage/download/4474185] (oldie, but goodie)

* Dank Storage [https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dank-storage/download/4448359] (one of my personal favorites)

Alternative source for slime balls or an alternate recipe for processor bindings.

I already dislike AE2 because it is a huge mod about automation and quality of life, but it's own inscriber machine is incredibly difficult to automate. Therefore, I would like to see an alternate recipe for processors that doesn't require slime or the inscriber. We as players have tolerated this extremely painful point of interaction with this mod, but I say we've done so for too long. Something has to change about this.

Better options for power storage.

RF Tools has power cells in one of it's companion mods that are fairly extensible and store a decent amount of power. Lots of people including me enjoy using these. Mekanism seems to be the core tech mod for this modpack, but the energy cells are not very extensible and have limited input/output options. I'd like to see some form of power storage/capacity added to the modpack.

* RF Tools Power [https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/rftools-power/download/4462358]

_**If there are any questions regarding my suggestions or for more information, contact me at Ryuhouji#2180 on discord (Currently part of the AMPZ discord.**_
Oyuncu - Ryuhouji

Wasn't sure if I should edit or comment, so i just took the safe option. Wanted to suggest something to make routing items easier. Since Extra Utils Reborn doesn't have the item filter block, and I couldn't find any other alternative, Thermal foundation and dynamics will be required to get any sort of item sorting system up and running. If there's something already in the pack for this, Do let me know,

thermal expansion is required for thermal dynamics (1.19.2 link)


thermal dynamics 1.19.2:

Code Chicken Lib is required for the 

thermal series: (1.19.2 link)

30 April 2023 03:10
Oyuncu - Exorion

I don't know if at the time of writing this ATF had Create, but with it you just need Cactus and Bones to craft a Slime Balls. You could even have a steady input of Slime balls by having a simple mob farm (could even be vanilla) and a cactus farm. Finding Cactus is the only ‘difficult’ part of it.

Another alternative to AE2 that doesn't have the annoying inscriber part (I mostly agree with your paragraph about it) is Refined Storage. It's pretty much a copy of AE2 but simplified.

10 June 2023 17:27
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