more Tool options. Resource gathering with more than just a pickaxe

grakef 19 September 2023 01:29 All The Forge 10 58
Oyuncu - grakef

Silent Gear is 1.20, mining gadgets, Just hammers has 1.20 NeoForge? Would be nice to have some variety in the mining options. I might need to search more but just seeing turtles, and industrial Foregoing for resource gathering.

Could you provide some links to any that you know are on 1.20.1? if you don't mind. so what do you mean by 1.20.1 neoforge? Are you suggesting the switch to NeoForge. If so that will be something we will do in a future update as right now not all mods built on Forge fully works on NeoForge.

21 September 2023 19:36
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