Why was my Discord message deleted?

If you're wondering why your message was deleted, there are a few potential reasons. It's possible that either a moderator or an auto-mod bot deleted your message for violating our set community rule. If you're not sure which one it was, check to see if there's a message in your inbox from a moderator explaining the deletion.

If your message was deleted by a moderator, it likely means that it violated one or more of the community's rules. Make sure to read the community guidelines carefully to understand what is and isn't allowed. If you think your message was deleted in error or you have a question about why it was deleted, you can message a member of the staff to ask for clarification. Keep in mind that moderators are volunteers and may not be able to respond immediately, so please be patient.

If your message was deleted by an auto-mod bot, it means that the bot detected something in your message that violates our set community rule. Our Auto-mod bot is designed to catch common violations like spam, hate speech, and harassment. If you believe the bot is deleting your message by mistake, it's important not to keep trying to post the same thing. This could cause the bot to mute you or take other actions against your account. Instead, message a member of staff to explain the situation and ask for help. They may be able to adjust the bot's settings or provide guidance on how to avoid triggering it in the future.

In summary, if your message was deleted, don't panic! There are a few potential reasons why it may have been removed, but in most cases it's because it violated our set community rule. If you're not sure why your message was deleted or you think it was a mistake, don't hesitate to reach out to a member of staff for help.

Last Updated: 01 March 2023 13:12

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