Troubleshooting Optifine: Solutions for When Your Game Keeps Crashing on Load

To enable OptiFine on your selected pack, it is necessary to refer to the table below and identify which mods must be uninstalled beforehand.
Do note if you are using Fabric Loader you need a mod called OptiFabric but if you are using Forge make sure you are using the recommend version that Optifine is built for

All The Fabric 2All The Fabric 3All The Fabric 4
Kingdoms of the Valley
Sodium  Sodium  
Sodium Extra Sodium Extra Lithium
Magnesium/Rubidium Extras
Indium IndiumIris Shaders
Entity Culling Fabric/Forge
Iris Shaders 
Iris Shaders Continuity
Continuity Continuity LambDynamicLights
Phosphor PhosphorEntity Culling Fabric/Forge
LambDynamic LightsLambDynamicLightsOptiGUI

Custom Entity Models (CEM) 


Reese's Sodium Options 

CIT Resewn

If you're experiencing issues still with Optifine, have you considered using an alternative? One option to consider is Rubidium, which offers support for MC 1.16.5 and newer. 

You can check it out here:

If you're interested in using shaders with Rubidium, you'll also need to download Oculus, which is fully compatible with Rubidium. 

You can find Oculus here:

We hope these suggestions help you enhance your Minecraft experience. Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Last Updated: 29 May 2023 09:25

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