Global Banned Items on AMPZ Network Servers

LabsZero 24 February 2023 17:57 111

To ensure a stable and enjoyable gameplay experience for all, the following items are prohibited on our servers unless specifically stated otherwise:

Mekanism Anchor Upgrades: These are known to cause crashes on our Fossilized Server.

Open Computers Upgrade: This item has been known to cause crashes on our Fossilized Server as well.

OpenComputers Chunk Loader: This item is banned due to its potential to overload the server by keeping too many chunks loaded at once.

Securitycraft Projector: This item causes crashes on the entire server if a user gets too close to it.

Kill Dart (MineJurassic): This item enables users to kill protected mobs, making it unfair for other players.

Deinonychus DNA (Fossils and Archeology): This dinosaur has unoptimized ticking requests that cause the server to crash.

Wub Hammer (Tiny Progressions): This item is known to have ticking issues that can cause server crashes.

Malisis Doors Forcefield Item: Regular players are unable to break this item, making it unfair for others.

Please note that this list of banned items may be updated at any time, and any player caught with any of the prohibited items will face disciplinary action.

We hope this revised version is clearer and easier to understand.

24 February 2023 17:57
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